Meet Our Fitness Family

No matter where you are in your fitness journey, StrongFound can help you accomplish your health goals, come join the family!

Krystal Gaspar: from intimidation to empowerment!

Nine months ago I woke up one day and decided I would take charge of my health. Before then, it was rare that I would workout. If I did I would only walk around the neighborhood because I was intimidated by going to the gym. I had always wanted to get fit in order to help my mental health, my well being, and my overall health (especially since I have many health issues).

I decided to take charge and after reading good reviews I contacted Seena from Strong Found Training. We met and set a date for my first training session. After that first session, I couldn’t walk because my legs felt like jello lol. Now, I notice that I am getting stronger, I am better able to handle my stress, and I have built up my stamina. I also love that I get to workout with a team of positive people.

And even during this quarantine, we’ve been provided with workout equipment and still have virtual trainings to stay in shape after eating all of the quarantine snacks. So thanks to Seena and the Strong Found team for wanting to help others keep and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Take charge of your life and do what is best for you! You can do it!

Dr. Kristina Kulcak: from questions to answers!

What fitness means to me: I spent years being out of shape, overweight and nurturing unhealthy habits with food. I remember going to outdoor parties and being extremely uncomfortable – both with the extra weight and added Texas heat, and with my appearance. It took a few years for me to figure it out, and I feel like I’m still learning, but fitness and nutrition have saved my life in many ways! Mentally, fitness is an outlet for me to relieve stress and have some time to myself. Physically, it allows me to keep up with a rambunctious and active 5 year old boy (wrestle matches are NO JOKE). I also have some very active hobbies: hunting, hiking, fishing and camping, and I want to be able to do those for years! Fitness also allows me to connect with other like-minded individuals and support others in a way that supplements my career as a doctor.

My experience at StrongFound: I first met Seena in 2016 when he was actually in prep for a competition and started asking a million questions about competing in a show. He ended up coaching me for my first show in 2018 and that lit the fire for me. Since coming to StrongFound, I have been completely impressed with Seena’s knowledge and ability to adapt to any athlete’s needs. The studio is always clean, and staff is always respectful and friendly. I hate to say it, but StrongFound has completely spoiled me as far as gym experiences go! I never have to worry about cleanliness or faulty gym equipment! I would recommend StrongFound to anyone!

Stacie Langham: from couch potato to fitness fam!

I would say I used to be a sluggish couch potato. I started with StrongFound to improve my health since heart issues and diabetes runs in my family. I also wanted to lose the weight let’s be honest. It has been a long fulfilling journey. It takes time and effort to keep the weight off. I am not 100% their yet as far as weight goals, but I keep on plugging away. Seena has helped me remove 60 pounds of extra weight! Regular training helps me stay focused. I feel 100% better. I would recommend the training to anyone and everyone. I love to travel and it has been gratifying to outdo all my friends with all the energy I have..